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Music Video / TV Commercial

We create Music Videos, TV Commercials, Company Profile Videos, Fashion Show and Events Videos, and Documentaries.


We also provide industrial grade training classes for those who are eagar to learn about film, photography, photo and video editing, and effect.

Video Editing and Visual Effect

We theme special Visual Effects for videos and films, design 3D Models, Matt Painting, Color Correction and Editing.


Sai Sai Kham Hlaing MTV

Music Video

CB Insurance

TV Commercial

AIM Toothpaste

TV Commercial


Reflexion Creative Studio was established in September 2013 as Reflexion Media Entertainment. Later in 2016, we re-branded the name as Reflexion Creative Studio. Currently, Reflexion Creative Studio provide services to make Music Videos, TV Commercials, and also providing training classes. We always put our best effort to raise our standard higher and higher, and thus, we make better TV Commercials and Music Videos with the best of our creativity.

We are committed to present our own unique creations with the core and values Myanmar culture and tradition to the region and the world.

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No.47 East Horse Race Course Road, 164 Street, Tarmwe, Yangon

No.47 East Horse Race Course Road, 164 Street, Tarmwe, Yangon

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